Courtney Jones National Summit


If you were to ask any one of the 258 delegates from across Canada when the revolution is, the revolution is now. What revolution? The mental health revolution.

This past weekend, over two hundred youth from across Canada came together in Toronto to discuss barriers facing access to mental health services, and how to reduce and eliminate these barriers. We participated in collaborative sessions, workshops, and listened to some incredible panelists and keynote speakers, including Canada’s Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas – Taylor and Buzzfeed’s Kelsey Darragh,

The theme for this year’s summit was #RevolutionNow and #OurTable. What I took from these two themes was that we need to revolutionize the mental health care system yesterday. Changes need to happen before it’s too late for even one more person. What I took from #OurTable was inclusivity. We need to include everyone in conversations about our mental health systems, and even more importantly, we need to pay attention to who we are currently excluding and make an extra impact to include those people. 

Want to get more involved in’s programs? They currently have chapters across Canada on various campuses, talks programs with 95 trained speakers across the country and regional summits. is leading the way in mental health advocacy. It’s up to you to join us at our table.

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